Here are a few tips on identifying scam sites that you SHOULD NOT log into with your email address and password. As an example, I'll use the Kindly Review the Attached Document !! email that is the latest to hit.

  • Tips to identifying the scammer email:

    • The email is BCC to me, which is odd. 
    • The grammar and phrasing isn't quite right (the space before the exclamation points, the use of the word Regards)
    Compare this to an invitation to a real Google document:

    It's addressed directly to me, and looks totally different than the scam email. BUT.... This doesn't mean that scammers will not try to mimic the look of the Google Document sharing email in the future. 

    Tips to identifying the scammer website:

    Here is the scammer website:

    Several red flags:

    • The url is not secure (it is not in green)
    • The url points to a address
    • This login screen is fake. The Google log in screen is for Google only, and will not mention other companies names.
    • The Click to Select provider... is not on the Google login

For more information: